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nemiver::Output::ResultRecord Class Reference

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Detailed Description

result record

this is a notification of gdb that about the last operation he was asked to perform. This basically can be either "running" --> the operation was successfully started, the target is running. "done" --> the synchronous operation was successful. In this case, gdb also returns the result of the operation. "error" the operation failed. In this case, gdb returns the corresponding error message.

Definition at line 346 of file nmv-gdb-engine.cc.

Public Types

enum  Kind {

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
const map< UString, UString > & attrs () const
map< UString, UString > & attrs ()
map< int, IDebugger::BreakPoint > & breakpoints ()
const map< int,
IDebugger::BreakPoint > & 
breakpoints () const
void call_stack (const vector< IDebugger::Frame > &a_in)
vector< IDebugger::Frame > & call_stack ()
const vector< IDebugger::Frame > & call_stack () const
void file_list (const std::vector< UString > &a_in)
const std::vector< UString > & file_list () const
const IDebugger::Frameframe_in_thread () const
void frames_parameters (const map< int, list< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > > &a_in)
const map< int, list
< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > > & 
frames_parameters () const
void has_call_stack (bool a_flag)
bool has_call_stack () const
void has_file_list (bool a_in)
bool has_file_list () const
void has_frames_parameters (bool a_yes)
bool has_frames_parameters () const
void has_local_variables (bool a_in)
bool has_local_variables () const
void has_thread_list (bool a_in)
bool has_thread_list () const
void has_variable_value (bool a_in)
bool has_variable_value () const
void kind (Kind a_in)
Kind kind () const
void local_variables (const list< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > &a_in)
const list
< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > & 
local_variables () const
int thread_id () const
void thread_id_got_selected (bool a_in)
bool thread_id_got_selected () const
void thread_id_selected_info (int a_thread_id, const IDebugger::Frame &a_frame_in_thread)
void thread_list (const std::list< int > &a_in)
const std::list< int > & thread_list () const
void variable_value (const IDebugger::VariableSafePtr &a_in)
const IDebugger::VariableSafePtr & variable_value () const

Private Attributes

map< UString, UString > m_attrs
map< int, IDebugger::BreakPointm_breakpoints
vector< IDebugger::Framem_call_stack
std::vector< UString > m_file_list
IDebugger::Frame m_frame_in_thread
map< int, list
< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > > 
bool m_has_call_stack
bool m_has_file_list
bool m_has_frames_parameters
bool m_has_local_variables
bool m_has_thread_list
bool m_has_variable_value
Kind m_kind
list< IDebugger::VariableSafePtr > m_local_variables
int m_thread_id
bool m_thread_id_got_selected
std::list< int > m_thread_list
IDebugger::VariableSafePtr m_variable_value

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