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IWorkbench Class Reference

#include <nmv-i-workbench.h>

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Detailed Description

the interface of the Workbench. The workbench is what you see graphically when you use Nemiver. It is made of a menu bar, toolbars and a set of widgets that let you actually debug your code. The set of widgets that actually makes the debugger experience is called a perspective. The Workbench must be seen a container of perspectives. A perspective can be active or not.

An implication of a workbench being a container of perspectives is the way it manages toolbars. There can be several toolbars hosted by the workbench. The expected behaviour is that when the user switch from one perspective to another, (for example from the debugger perspective to the valgring memory checker, if one appears some day) the toolbars of the right perspective are displayed. Oh, and there can be only one perspective active at a time.

When a new perspective is added to the workbench, the later queries the former for the toolbars to display when the perspective becomes active. As a result, The workbench appends the toolbars in a Gtk::Notebook and shows the appropriate toolbars when the perspective becomes active.

Definition at line 89 of file nmv-i-workbench.h.

Public Types

typedef SafePtr< Config,
ObjectRef, ObjectUnref > 
typedef SafePtr< Loader,
ObjectRef, ObjectUnref > 

Public Member Functions

virtual void do_init ()=0
 module init routinr
virtual void do_init (Gtk::Main &a_main)=0
 initialization function
virtual void get_info (Info &a_info) const =0
 get module info
virtual Glib::RefPtr
< Glib::MainContext > 
get_main_context ()=0
Loader * get_module_loader ()
 get the module loader class
const UString & get_real_library_path () const
 gets the path of the library this module has been instanciated from.
virtual void shut_down ()=0
various getters

virtual IConfMgr & get_configuration_manager ()=0
virtual Glib::RefPtr
< Gtk::ActionGroup > 
get_default_action_group ()=0
virtual Gtk::Widget & get_menubar ()=0
virtual IPerspectiveget_perspective (const UString &a_name)=0
virtual Gtk::Window & get_root_window ()=0
virtual Gtk::Notebook & get_toolbar_container ()=0
virtual Glib::RefPtr
< Gtk::UIManager > & 
get_ui_manager ()=0
virtual void set_title_extension (const UString &a_str)=0
 Set state-related information to be appended to the window title.
virtual sigc::signal< void > & shutting_down_signal ()=0
 emitted just before the workbench shuts down

Private Member Functions

 IWorkbench (const IWorkbench &)
IWorkbench & operator= (const IWorkbench &)

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