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IPerspective Class Reference

#include <nmv-i-perspective.h>

Inherited by IDBGPerspective.

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Detailed Description

an abstraction of a consistent user interface dedicated at doing a certain task. Nemiver is a collection of perspectives even though only on perspective is coded at the moment: 'the debugger perspective' Perspective are also plugins. It is the dutty of the Workbench to load all the perspective it finds, at launch time.

Definition at line 54 of file nmv-i-perspective.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void close_current_file ()=0
 close the currently selected file
virtual void close_file (const UString &a_uri)=0
 closes a file
virtual void do_init (IWorkbench *a_workbench)=0
virtual void edit_workbench_menu ()=0
virtual Gtk::Widget * get_body ()=0
virtual const UString & get_perspective_identifier ()=0
virtual void get_toolbars (list< Gtk::Widget * > &a_tbs)=0
virtual void open_file ()=0
 open a source file
virtual bool open_file (const UString &a_uri, int a_cur_line=-1)=0
 open a source file from a url
virtual sigc::signal< void,
bool > & 
activated_signal ()=0

Private Member Functions

 IPerspective (const IPerspective &)
IPerspectiveoperator= (const IPerspective &)

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